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January 30, 2006

Business Research Lab Link

Here is a link to a website that gives various tips about surveying for customer satisfaction, including the pros and cons of handing out surveys to customers in person versus displaying survery passively in public.

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January 26, 2006

Customer Surveys - LibQual+

LibQual+ is a standardized customer survey instrument that has been used here at UM (and hundreds of other libraries). A standardized survey is useful because you can make comparisons to other libraries, and you can spot trends in your library system over time.

Information about LibQual+ here at the UM can be found on the staff wiki, scroll down the left side frame to get to "Planning", then "LibQual+". I looked at the pdfs for the UL results from 2003 and noticed pages 24 & 25 had info about the types of questions asked and customer responses. (There's also a pdf for Bio-Med results from 2003).

In summary, there are different categories of questions ("dimensions" in LibQual+-speak). One dimension is called "Affect of Service". Here is the text of those types of questions:
-Willingness to help users
-Employees who are consistently courteous
-Dependability in handling users' service problems
-Giving users individual attention
-Employees who deal with users in a caring fashion
-Employees who have the knowledge to answer user questions
-Readiness to respond to users' questions
-Employees who instill confidence in users
-Employees who understand the needs of their users

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November 23, 2005

Articles Suggested by Sue Hallgren

Brushing Up on Patron-Service Skills, American Libraries, 36(10):66, 2005.

Goodwill: Turning No into Yes. American Libraries, 36(10):48-9, 2005.

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November 4, 2005


Just in Time Competencies
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Emily's Article Summaries
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Evaluation Chart
Moysa, Susan. "Evaluation of customer service behaviour at the reference desk in an academic library." Feliciter, Issue #2 (2004): 60-63.

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