March 9, 2008

Advance Analysis: Steve Earle Concert

In this article, rather than focus on the upcoming concert immediately, the author Rick Mason focuses on how the musician has had an unusual life. Mason then connects the musician's life experience to the lyrics in the music an audience member would get to listen to. Mason does not cite many reputable sources that gave good reviews for Steve Earle (like most advance article writers normally would), but mostly focuses on the content in the albums Steve Earle has released. Mason spends a third of his article writing about the work of Earl's wife Allison Moorer, but does not state whether she will be performing as if this could be a surprise at the concert.

Mason, Rick. "Steve Earle." City Pages: March 9, 2008.

Socialist Zapatero Wins Presidential Re-election

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero was re-elected Sunday following a term that saw the legalization of same-sex marriage and on-demand divorce in the predominantly Roman Catholic Spain. Zapetero's victory was by a narrow margin of 43.7 percent of the vote to the conservative Popular Party's 40.1 percent.

One of Zapatero's first acts as president following his first election was to pull troops out of Iraq. In his second term Zapatero plans to correct Spain's slumping economy.

March 2, 2008

Palestine Suspends Peace Talks

Palestine suspended peace talks with Israel Sunday following Israel's refusal to apologize for and put an end to its military attacks in Gaza.

The attacks on Palestine have brought its death toll to 114 since Wednesday.

Putin's Hand-Picked Successor Far in Lead

In a controversial election for the Russian president Sunday, Vladimir Putin's hand-picked successor Dmitri Medvedev appears to be the victor. The results are being heavily disputed by opposition leaders, who are accusing the Russian government of rigging the election.

The Kremlin has been pushing for a high turnout to justify the results. Opposition leader, however, are accusing governmental authorities of threatening governmental employees with their jobs in addition to rigging the results.

February 24, 2008

Spot and Follows: "Minnesota Bus Crash"

Earlier this week, a bus crash in western Minnesota claimed the lives of four students. On the spot, or the first news stories, the deaths were explained with details that mostly explained the who, what, where, and when. The spot explained that the bus collided with a van. Follows in the Star Tribune explained issues involved with the crash, which ranged from immigration to fake IDs to traffic safety. The follow mainly advances the spot from explaining the simple facts to explaining the issues they raise.

Clinton Reassures Concerned Donors

Sen. Hillary Clinton reassured her worried donors Sunday by detailing her plan for retaking the lead in the primary race. Clinton explained that victories in Ohio and Texas will revitalize her campaign and help her get ahead of Obama in delegates.

Clinton said that she is "very optimistic" about the potential of the two states to change the tone of the race, particularly due to the high number of delegates involved.

New South Korea President Takes Office

Lee Myung-bak took office as President of South Koreas Monday, saying that he would strengthen both the economy and the nation's relations with the U.S.

By increasing the nation's U.S. ties, Myung-bak is expected to toughen South Korea's relationship with North Korea and stance on nuclear development.

Viking's Mckinnie Arrested in Miami

Minnesota Viking Bryant McKinnie was arrested Sunday in Miami on charges of aggravated battery, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. The lineman McKinnie had been involved in a street brawl outside a nightclub he had earlier been thrown out of when police arrived.

McKinnie attempted to board a bus when the police confronted him but was prevented and consequently arrested.

Pawlenty Appears on News Shows to Discuss McCain

Gov. Tim Pawlenty appeared on the news channels CNN and Fox Sunday to discuss his support of McCain's campaign for president and his own unlikely bid as McCain's vice-president. Pawlenty said that he is more interested in serving as a vice-president because he is "focused on being governor." Pawlenty also serves as national co-chairman for McCain's campaign.

Aside from negating a potential run for vice-president, Pawlenty commented on the leading presidential candidates during the interviews. Pawlenty criticized Barack Obama for proposing "expensive" changes and a New York Times report on McCain having an improper relationship with a female Washington lobbyist for using "insinuation" rather than "evidence."

Iran Threatens West if Sanctions

Iran said that there would be reprisals against certain Western countries that succeed in installing new U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iran. The UN said it is still unsure about Iran's interests in atomic energy as a new sanctions resolution approaches this week.

UN Security Council members Britain, France and the U.S. are encouraging the sanctions. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that countries that encourage the sanctions will receive "firm reprisals" Saturday.

February 17, 2008

Analysis: "Bush Visits Africa, Where Villages Fight Malaria."

The author summarizes the most important and recently-developed information in the first paragraph of the article, which concerns Bush's visit to Africa or essentially the "who, what, where, when, why." Much of the answer to the "why" portion, however, is answer throughout the rest of the article, in which Goss explains attempts by Bush and the U.S. to cure and care for patients afflicted by malaria and AIDS. I found this an effective approach at highlighting Bush's reasons for being in Africa, but not at explaining what Bush is actually doing in Africa.

Goss, Eddie. "Bush Visits Africa, Where Villages Fight Malaria." NPR News: Feb. 17, 2008.

Bush Visits Malaria-Stricken African Villages

As part of his tour of Africa, President Bush visited a Tanzanian hospital Sunday to give attention to U.S. efforts to combat both Malaria and AIDS in Africa.

In addition to funding hospitals in Africa, the U.S. also funds Mali research to find a quality malaria vaccine.

Nancy Reagan Recovering Well from Fall

Nancy Reagan is recovering well following a fall in her California home Sunday that led to a hospitalization. It was suspected that Reagan had broke a hip in the collapse but, as she did not, she is expected to only spend the night the St. John's Health Center.

Man Injured in I-35 Shooting

A shooting on the Lake Street exit of Interstate 35 injured a driver Sunday. The driver, who had three passengers, was passing through the exit when another vehicle with passengers opened fire.

The shooting also resulted in a closing of two northbound lanes for a period of two-and-a-half hours.

UN Security Council Discusses

The U.N. Security convened Sunday in New York to discuss Kosovo's recent declaration of independence from Russian ally, Serbia. Russia attempted to prevent the nation's split in the meeting and expressed concerns for Serbs living in Kosovo.

With the support of both France and England, the U.S. is concerned that a possible a disagreement with Russia could lead to increased tension.