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In the Reuters story on Rodriguez's past use of steroids, four sources were used: Sport's Illustrated, Alex Rodriguez, Major League Baseball's 2003 survey testing, and an ominously stated "four independent sources." Two of these sources appear in the first paragraph (the "four independent sources" and Sport's Illustrated) while the other two appear much later in the article. Alex Rodriguez is the only singular person attributed, the other sources are either not identified as people or are organizations or records, the latter being the Major League Baseball's 2003 survey testing. The reporter sets up the attribution so that it follows a statement of information. He attributes Sport's Illustrated and the "four independent sources" early because they are the two sources that have made this event newsworthy and relevant today. The attribution is effective and not confusing, though it is unique how this article is a report on a report by a different news organization, which broke the story. The writer of the story is sure to always attribute Sport's Illustrated, which broke the story, in a paragraph where the information is purely from the magazine. In an instance where two sources are cited simultaneously, the writer makes no confusion in writing it thusly: "according to four independent sources, Sports Illustrated magazine reported on Saturday."

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