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March 29, 2009

Analysis: Obituary

In Michael Russo's article on the life and death of Edina native Bill Nyrop, Russo uses an unconventional lead by relating the life of the obituary subject to his own life and the present day, turning the article into a timely yet personal piece. This lead functions for this purpose, though not entirely in the function of explaining Bill Nyrop's life story (which the article takes seven paragraphs to get to). The obituary is substantially different from a resume because the obit explains Nyrop's life in stories that represent his character, while not addressing details about his life. Russo uses many sources in the article, including himself, Nyrop's father, Minnesota Wild GM Doug Risebrough, and Lou Nanne.

Michael Russo. http://www.startribune.com/sports/wild/36762859.html?elr=KArksUUUU

UN Suggests Power-sharing for KirKuk

The United Nations is expected to advise a power-sharing system of government for Iraq's ethnically divided region of Kirkuk. The oil-rich Kirkuk region in northern Iraq has experienced much ethnic violence between Kurds, the majority, and Arabs, Turkomen and other rival ethic groups.


Concert for Holocaust Survivors Condemned by Palestinian Activists

Palestinian political activists condemned a camp youth orchestra Sunday for their performance for Holocaust survivors in Israel last week. The group will ban the orchestra's director, an Israeli Arab woman, from entering the camp.
Adnan al-Hindi, leader of the camp's Popular Committee, said the young musicians had been exploited by the orchestra director, Wafaa Younis, for "normalizing" ties with Israel.


Lawsuit Costing Osseo Schools more than $460,000

Osseo schools are having their insurance company pay a bill of $460,000 to keep a Maple Grove High School student-run gay-rights group from having the same privileges as condoned school clubs. The three-year legal battle with the group, Straights and Gays for Equity, was recently abandoned by the district after repeatedly failed appeals.

Red River Valley Hoping for End of Floods

The Red River floods during the past week may recede in the coming days. The Red River fell to a height less than 40 feet for the first time in three days Sunday in the Moorhead area.
Residents of the Red River Valley are not yet out of the clear, officials say. A snowstorm is likely to hit Minnesota in the next couple of days, while problems such as damaged schools and large cleanups may persist for some time.


GM CEO Wagoner Resigns at Obama's Request

General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner will resign his positions immediately at the request of the Obama administration, officials said Sunday. Obama is likely to unveil restructuring plans for the U.S. auto industry this week, which will include bail outs.
The restructuring plans for auto industry will come as a sort of compensation for government loans GM and Chrysler LLC have been asking for.


March 1, 2009

Analysis: Obama Weekly Address

The difference between the weekly address given by President Obama this past Friday and the news report by NPR is has many differences. One of the major differences is that the NPR report covers the controversy and debate over the budget while the statement by Obama reports mainly on the needs and effects of such a budget. The NPR reporter covered statements made in response to the address rather than reporting only on the address.



Israel's Attorney General Says He'll Indict Olmert

Israel's attorney general told Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Sunday that he plans to indict him on suspicion of accepting bribes from a Jewish-American businessman. The controversy forced the Israeli leader to resign following public resentment.
Olmert has denied guilt in the five pending corruption investigations. Attorney General Meni Mazuz said in a news release that Olmert will have one last chance to change his mind.


25 Homes Destroyed in Central Texas Wildfire

A wildfire in central Texas has destroyed 25 homes and three businesses. No deaths or injuries have been reported. The wildfire has charred a square mile since it began Saturday.
Four Blackhawk helicopters have been equipped to drop water and fire retardant while two National Guard helicopters have joined with state firefighters in containing and putting out the fire.


Two NFL Players Among Missing on Florida Boat Trip

The Coast Guard is searching for a boat with a crew of four missing off the coast of Florida. Two of the missing men are NFL football players, Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper, of the Detroit Lions and Oakland Raiders.
The 21-foot vessel left Saturday morning but did not return when expected and amidst poor weather conditions and choppy seas.


Gopher Men, Women Sweep Big Ten Indoor Track

The Gophers men and women teams won the Big Ten Indoor Track and Field Championships on Sunday. No school has had men and women's teams win both titles since Wisconsin in 1997.
The men won the Big Ten Championship title for the first time since 1998. The women edged out Penn State by four points.


Lakeville Man Not Guilty in Fatal Baseball Bat Beating

A Dakota County jury has acquitted a man of four murder counts concerning the death of his friend. Charlie Reynolds, who admitted to killing longtime friend Joshua Skare with a baseball bat, was acquitted of all charges after only 30 hours of jury deliberation.
"Ultimately, the jury concluded that the state had not proved beyond a reasonable doubt that self-defense was not a factor in this case," Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said.