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Eating locally, thinking globally.

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have always had a pretty good arts scene, which probably made a good launching pad for the diversification of cuisine that happened with the arrival of Immigrants from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe in the past 20 years or so. A growing national trend for locally grown food is here, too, complicated by our location in USDA hardiness zone 4. There was a reason that our pioneer predecessors learned to can food -- the winters are cold and long.

Having lived in several countries, I returned to my home state of Minnesota in 2007. During the years that I was away, the food scene here has changed for the better, and in a big way. That was a nice surprise.

My day job is with the University of Minnesota Extension, source of expert advice on growing food and eating healthfully. I am not a scientist, but a curious cook, novice gardener and critical restaurant patron with access to blogging software.

-- Ann Nordby

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