I saw Bigfoot!

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Well, here it is everyone. The question that I know also keeps all of you awake at night, has driven you to plan excursions into the depths of forests, and caused you to Google endless articles searching for answers. Is there... a Sasquatch? Dahda da da....
Ok, well, maybe all of you don't do any of those things, but there are some people who have an obsession and are on a quest to show the world they're right. Animal Planet's popular show "Finding Bigfoot" has attempted to bring together all the 'facts' and prove their claim true. And so, in light of this show, I decided to analyze its still present short comings with scientific thinking principles. First of all, this claim, considering Bigfoot's ability to survive without ever being discovered, is not at all falsifiable. There have been supposed sightings of such a creature, but with out the ability to catch and study one, there's no way to disprove its truth either. Second, this extraordinary claim has anything but extraordinary evidence to back it up. The few pieces of evidence that do exist are not nearly enough to prove that something as large as a Bigfoot has shared this earth with us for centuries. And finally, Bigfoot's existence falls to the principle of Occam's Razor. Nearly all the proof we have, also has a much simpler explanation. For example, almost all video footage and sightings have taken place in a night time setting. Who's to say, considering the poor visibility that night brings, what you thought was a huge hairy being wasn't just a large bush moving in the wind? All in all, "Finding Bigfoot" proves to be an entertaining show, but that's as far as the proving goes.

All information was retrieved from the Finding Bigfoot website: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/finding-bigfoot-web-exclusives/

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