"Do I have a Disorder?"

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Let's be honest, throughout our leaning experiences, there has been some point in which we all have read or heard about some kind of disorder, medical diagnosis, or simply just some problem that has made a little voice in our head question, "Do I have this?" or "Maybe I'm not normal?" But before the next time you schedule an appointment with your doctor or psychologist about some of these thoughts, read through chapter 15 in our book first. This chapter describes in great depth many psychological disorders and problems people have. However, before the authors dive into discussion, they take a moment to diagnosis many of us out there. Our problem: Medical Students' Syndrome. In a somewhat comical sense, this syndrome's name has originated from the many medical students since the begging of medicine that, as they learn about symptoms and diseases, often start to focus on their own body's functioning. Eventually this leads to irrational beliefs that a common eye twitch may be the signs of a brain tumor. The same goes for Psych students though and their learning of the brain. BUT don't worry, this is NOT a serious syndrome. Even if you do see similarities between your behavior and the conditions talked about in this text, it's not necessarily a reason to be alarmed. As the books reads, you may see this "largely because in meeting the complex demands of daily life we all experience disturbing impulses, thoughts, and fears from time to time... many [of these conditions] are extremes of psychological difficulties we all experience on occasion." To put it a little more simply, take a breath. You're like the rest of us and probably are just fine.


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