And were back

It has now been almost a week since the second semester has started and it takes some getting used too. I have 8am class everyday and its not always easy to wake up. But, much like most, I make myself a pot of coffee to make the morning go a little smoother and head out for the day. I enjoyed my days of lounging around and sitting by my parents new fireplace, but unfortunately those days are over.
Since we've been back I have a nice new addition to my apartment! My roommate got a fish. fish bowl

With the new semester comes new classes, a new schedule, and a new routine. But, I'm a fan of change so I don't mind it.
I finally have classes that are within my major! I'm taking Anatomy with Professor Biltz, who is an amazing professor, Lifetime Health and Wellness, Human Growth and Development, Sport and Exercise Psychology and Psychology Statistics. Being a Kinesiology major I get a nice mix between the science and social science classes. I absolutely dislike Chemistry and Physics but I love Anatomy and Psychology.
When you choose your major it's important not to choose just based on a career that you think you will like, make sure you account for all the different courses that you will be required to take.

But, the best part of being back on campus is.........of course seeing my friends again!

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