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February 20, 2006

self portrait project

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this is my self portrait that i did for our night class. i was pretty happy with how it turned out. i wanted to make it have an eastern feel to it because of my background in karate. also the other images are all ink and colored pencil drawings that i've done in the last couple of years. i liked the line quality of my project because i wanted it to look like a line drawing that i would do. overall i was really happy with it (except for the fact that it cost 9 dollars to print and they were out of self-adhesive foam core in the bookstore so i had to use glue :(

February 13, 2006

like water for chocolate

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here is my poster for the culinary and cultural film series. 5 of us worked as a team to create posters for all four movies that were showing at the festival. i did the movie "like water for chocolate." i was really happy with the end result of the poster. i think it turned out to look very simple but effective. all of us used the same line quality in our posters and i thought it worked very well.

February 6, 2006

film series poster

for our first assignment we designed posters for the foriegn languages department. i did a poster for like water for chocolate. i was happy with how it turned out. i'll be excited to see it all together when rachael turns hers in!