May 3, 2006

greek mysteries

i worked with jenna on the mysteries project and our job was to be the people who were in charge of finding the site for the bridge scene. we went to tischer creek and took photos of the bridges and the surrounding area. we then made story board sketches and digital images to use for the background of some of the shots during the interview segments. we also compiled a cd with all of our digital photos and our other raw images.

ellen lupton

i chose to research the work of ellen lupton. she is a graphic designer, a typographer, a writer and a curator for the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in new york city. she is also the director of the mfa program in graphic design at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in baltimore. her focus is on the use of precise and correct typography and her books are all very appealling and make learning about typography very interesting. she uses humor in a way that is educational but amusing. her books also give visual examples of the do's and dont's that are discussed in her book therefore making it easy to comprehend. i am inspired by ellen lupton because she has helped me make my work look more professional by following her rules that are easy to remember and use.

February 20, 2006

self portrait project

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this is my self portrait that i did for our night class. i was pretty happy with how it turned out. i wanted to make it have an eastern feel to it because of my background in karate. also the other images are all ink and colored pencil drawings that i've done in the last couple of years. i liked the line quality of my project because i wanted it to look like a line drawing that i would do. overall i was really happy with it (except for the fact that it cost 9 dollars to print and they were out of self-adhesive foam core in the bookstore so i had to use glue :(

January 20, 2006

hp commercial

i've recently noticed the commercials for hp printers where a lady is talking about how she loves to travel and can now make her own postcards. the theme of the commercial is about her trip to china and there is some beautiful graphics telling the story of her trip. i found it very interesting and inspired me!

digital studio class day 1

today is our first day and we're doin' blogs