May 3, 2006

magazine spread

we were asked to take an article from the aiga website and redesign what we think it should look like. i chose the article called architecture and type: a modern marriage. it discusses how type is integrated into architecture to fit the style and era of the building. also how the style of buildings that are popular at the time also affects the styles of typography. i chose to take a very elegant and gridded approach to the layout of my article by making a strip of the images included in the original article and by using typical typefaces used in architecture. overall i was very proud of what i came up with because i think that the color pallette and type choices fit the article very well.

May 1, 2006


my poster for the theatre department was for the play godspell. i wanted to keep it very simple and bold. therefore i chose to use the imagery of the outline of the hand with a red dot in it because the play is about the life of jesus. however, the play is a musical and is a bit more fun than it is serious. the original play and movie came out in the 60's so that's why i used the psychadelic background to make it more fun. i chose to avoid using a hand lettered font because in all the posters i've seen for this play have used very 60's typography.

April 10, 2006

godspell posters

we had to design posters for the umd theatre department. i chose to do the poster for godspell. here it is!

February 13, 2006

like water for chocolate

Download file
here is my poster for the culinary and cultural film series. 5 of us worked as a team to create posters for all four movies that were showing at the festival. i did the movie "like water for chocolate." i was really happy with the end result of the poster. i think it turned out to look very simple but effective. all of us used the same line quality in our posters and i thought it worked very well.

February 6, 2006

film series poster

for our first assignment we designed posters for the foriegn languages department. i did a poster for like water for chocolate. i was happy with how it turned out. i'll be excited to see it all together when rachael turns hers in!