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What I got from Hook in terms of the ways to look at films critically was to be consciously aware of the characters, directors, and filmmakers societal biases and representations. To be able to ask ourselves why it is portrayed this way and who may benefit from it being portrayed in this manner are important critical questions. Hook talked about the movie KIDS and how that whenever she asked someone about the lead female character they never remembered yet the leading white male characters names were always remembered. I think Hook really wants viewers to be conscious of these small and important revelations seen in film. That these small details lead to larger conclusions. In essence it seemed that the ability to think critically about films is in itself a strategy in bringing meaning out of pop culture films. Earlier in the film we were shown clips of black men being the thieves or voices of the villain (Darth Vader). Hook discusses how these representations of select characters in certain roles are used to perpetuate the ideals of the filmmaker or Hollywood. That this in itself is a reflection of "white supremacy". I think being aware of such ideas as white supremacy as Hook defines triggers a response in future films we watch as a class. I think being aware is one of the best strategies to employ in critiquing a film. As far the term "Enlightened Witnesses" goes Hook defines this as " being critically vigilant about the world we live in". In the way we interpret, listen, and respond to things we have to keep critically vigilant. Hook calls it 'de-colonizing our minds" so we can think more openly and critically about a subject without the influence of the patriarchal system.

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