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The past connotations to the word or definition of queer do not have the same representation of the present use of the word queer. This is one of the major inadequacies exposed through reading this text. In the past queer meant anything outside of "normal" not necessarily gay/lesbian. Heterosexual acts that fell outside of societies "norms" such as multiple partners was considered queer in the past. Only now do we see the use of queer becoming the more narrow and polarized in its definition of gay/lesbian. I think the term queer exposes the almost insatiable need of categorizing and polarizing that established powers (white/male) seem to have in our society. I feel we are constantly categorized black/white, male/female, Christian/Muslim, gay/straight and that terms are associated to certain sects of our society such as queer. Instead, as the text hints, there are actually multiple sexualities within straight/gay. The Kinsey reports, if I recall, stated that the majority of men who took the test fell in between straight (1) and gay (10). This represents the diversity of sexualities that we self-identify as and begs to question who holds power over such definitions as queer. In Hooks film she talked about white supremacy, the notion that white/male culture dominates the information we hear and see everyday. That perhaps it is from looking at establishments such as these we can reflect on the beginnings of cultural definitions such as queer.

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