February 19, 2005

media loves sex

i'm sure we have all seen advertisements on tv, the internet, in magazines, or on billboards that depict women as an object of sex. this happens not only in advertising but in the music and movie industries as well.

advertisers use female sexuality to sell their products. this has been happening more and more and the years go on. i personally havenít seen many males being depicted as sexual objects in the media. this exploitation of the female body and sexuality has gotten out of hand.

how many music videos have you seen where women are prancing around in some scantily clad outfit, often a barely-there swimsuit? yeah thatís pretty much the theme to most music videos iíve seen.

i know there are some female performers out there that express the same feelings towards the male sex. but for the most part women have been used as objects of males sexual desires.

i know sex sells. but i think in some cases we have taken it a bit too far. im not a prude or anything but somethings i see are just plain degrading.

Posted by gotk0001 at 1:31 PM