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Batsheva Dance Company

Were you one of the fortunate to experience Ohad Naharin’s masterwork Shalosh? Tell us what you thought. Did you particularly enjoy one piece? What did you think of Naharin’s rigorous physical dance method known as Gaga? What about the music, costumes, dancers?

Pre-Performance Discussion

Batsheva Dance Company pre-performance discussion amongst Northrop Director, Ben Johnson; William and Nadine McGuire Senior Curator, Performing Arts, Philip Bither; David Harris with the Minnesota Jewish Arts Council; and Dance Historian, Judith Brin Ingber. This preview is in association with Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council, Walker Art Center, and Northrop Dance.


The Bat-Sheva dance performance was breath-taking. Thank you for having them come again!

As I long time subscriber to the Northrop Dance series, I was disappointed in last night's performance. It seems that sometimes viewers applaud for the "new" thing vs. exceptional creativity and performance. It was aggravating to see the dancers spend so much time walking on and off the stage: has the choreographer lost his imagination and creativity for those sections? And does it really serve any purpose to have music so soft that we in the rear third of the audience could not hear more than a murmur? Who is paying for the dance performance--surely the choreographer and company cannot think they must please themselves without consideration of their audience! ga-ga is just another new idea that won't hold up over the long term development of dance.

Fluid poetry...liquid mercury allied with gravity. A celebration of humanity, a welcome Versatile, striking, engaging and awe-inspiring...bated breaths between each richly textured movement. Unlike anything I'd ever seen! With infinite gratitude to Northrop for this introduction to such a gifted company.

Exquisite and sensuous performance. They deserved their standing ovation