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Russian National Ballet Theatre

Did you see the Russian National Ballet Theatre's Minneapolis debut of the famous tale of Sleeping Beauty ? Tell us what you thought of the performance. Did you have a favorite scene or particularly enjoy a certain soloist? What did you think of the music or settings?


We only wish there could have been a live orchestra, but unfortunately that is a thing of the past for most ballet companies on the road.

The performance was delightful. The dancers were elegant and the costumes were spectacular. Having live music would have made the night!

Something should be done to enable attendees to purchase and enjoy their refreshments during the short 20 minute intermission. It helps to order refreshments before the performance, but there was a back log just to get to the table where they were available.

A completely wonderful performance. Our first real ballet and I cannot imagine a better performance. We Minnesotans need more like it and some renovation to the auditorium. The seating looked like the same we sat in back in 1971. Support the arts!

Enjoyed it and loved it very much. But wish to see a live orchestra performing along with the ballet dancers.

I have been watching dance at Northrop since the 1930s! Sleeping Beauty does not change much but the sound system at Northrop is getting to the point where violins playing high and loud are painful to hear and distracting to the performance.

Ditto about the live music. Recordings are one dimensional and flat. Great performances should always have live music. Couldn't the dance company contract with local musicians? Northrup should require it from the companies they showcase. There are certainly many fine musicians in the Twin Cities who could have enhanced the experience greatly. Seems amateurish and like they are broke to have recorded music.

I loved the beautiful costumes, the dancers (Sleeping Beauty was an awesome, elegant ballerina), and the scenery was very enchanting. I really enjoyed this presentation. At times, the Fairy dancers seemed out of unison, each being a little off; however, it was still lovely. The music output did not sound very good. I, too, wish there could have been an orchestra. If not an orchestra, a decent sounding audio system. That did take away from the presentation of the performance. Thank you for presenting the Russian National Ballet Theatre.

I thought the performance was wonderful! The dancing was suburb and it was particularly fun to hear the very familiar music. I did wonder where the Bluebird variation was.

I was very disappointed in the quality of choreography and the partnering of the prima balletrina. Lifts were poor and dull. Turns were sloppy. Staging was stiff and uninspired. Too bad the State is not able to support their arts anymore.

Wonderful production and dancers,but what was the purpose of the King and Queen? They looked ridiculous.

This was my first ballet and I was disappointed. The dancers didn't seem to be in synch, when the backdrop was lowered it caught on a bench and went unfixed for some time, and this would have been a great opportunity for collaboration w/the MN orchestra instead of the piped music.

Great opportunity for students to see the classics for an affordable price! Live music would have enhanced the performance but the quality was up tot he par.

Well trained dancers. But for some reason stage space was cut, only few dancers on stage for a performance as “Sleeping Beauty� is not enough. All “stones� variations from 1st act was missing. No variations for “Blue Bird� Pas de Deux.
I won’t go to see half show again.

Loved the performance.I wish that the stage was bigger, but that couldn't have been helped.

I agree that the performance was beautiful. I also agree with others that, while I understand that live music may not be feasible, the low quality of the speakers and music were distracting.

My granddaughter and I thourouhly enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the performance, but there were some problems with synchronization; at one point the prince ran into one of the "pink chorus girls." What happened to some of the dancers after the performance was terrible. The Twin Cities need to make a heartfelt apology to the company.

We enjoyed the performance, but were surprised that our "price level 1" seats were partial view. We could not see baby Aurora and others on that side of the stage for the entire first act!