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June 24, 2009

The 09//10 Northrop Music Season Announcement is Coming Soon!

Combing world music with jazz, and some other gems, this season will be unlike any other!

As you may have noticed with our 09//10 Dance Season, we're making some changes here at Northrop. Under the fresh curatorial eye of Northrop's new Director Ben Johnson, our season packages are expanding to offer a greater variety to our diverse audience. With the mission of providing something for everyone, we are expanding on the Northrop Jazz tradition and adding world music, classical, contemporary, and more into the mix.

Without giving too much away, in the works for this season are some exciting jazz projects based on legends of jazz featuring today's forthcoming stars, as well as original thought-provoking collaborations that will simply blow your mind. Filled with new ideas, partnerships, and events--this season will be a revolution for Northrop. An official announcement is coming soon.

Northrop 09//10 Dance Season on sale now

Order your favorite series for the 'knockout dance season'!

Northrop Dance
With a world premiere of Moulin Rouge - The Ballet by Royal Winnipeg Ballet, a United States debut of London's hottest dance company Wayne McGregor | Random Dance, Martha Graham's restaging of her full-length Greek psychodrama Clytemnestra, and a spring season filled with culture, diversity, and rare performances that closes with Bessie award winner Nora Chipaumire who's been referred to as the Twyla Tharp of Zimbabwe, there's really no ignoring Northrop's 09//10 Dance Season. If this hasn't convinced you yet, don't worry there's more.

Visit Northrop for the complete lineup and more information.
Click here for a season sneak peak video.
Click here to read what others are saying.

In case you're still on the fence, here are a few of the perks that come with ordering a season package...

• Savings up to 35%
• 20% off additional tickets
• Priority seating
• Reserved parking
• Invites to special events
• One-time ticket exchange
• Easy payment options

Culture Minute reviews Entity

Mark Monahan describes the mind blowing dance sensation that is Entity.

June 5, 2009

Summer at Northrop July Lineup

Romantica, Tim Sparks, Jelloslave, and more... all the best Twin Cities artists at Summer at Northrop

Summer at Northrop
The University of Minnesota Summer Session and Concerts and Lectures present Summer at Northrop 2009 - 25 free, outdoor concerts showcasing music from around the globe. All concerts will be held weekdays from noon to 1 p.m. on the Northrop Plaza.Summer Page

/1 Glen Helgeson with Axis Mundi

Led by the talented guitarist/composer Glen Helgeson who fuses instruments with his own compositions inspired by his journeys through more than 25 countries. Performing for nearly three decades, Helgeson has traveled all throughout South America, Europe, and Africa. Now he's teamed up with the quintet Axis Mundi meaning "the world tree" for an alluring mix of world-beat music combined with elements of both modern and traditional jazz. Joining Helgeson is Gary Schulte, Cody McKinny, Dave Stanoch, and Michael Bissonette.

Official Website

/2 Machinery Hill

A unique Minneapolis based band blending ska, klezmer, celtic, rock, and Americana folk. They are the winner of the Minnesota Music award for best world beat CD and specialist recording.

Official Website

/6 Tim Sparks and Phil Heywood

World-class guitar player, Tim Sparks teams up with award winning bluesy guitarist Phil Heywood for some real fingerstyle guitar Americana. These two National Fingerpicking Champions teamed up for a virtuoso duo that is hard to find in the Twin Cities.

Official Website

/7 Mark Stary & the Whiskey Roses

Mark Stary and his band are known for their blend of pop/classic/outlaw country with elements of blues/folk and rock n' roll. Band members include Dan Neale on lead guitar, Ryan Erickson on bass guitar and backing vocals, Ben Kaplan on drums, and Lisi Wright on fiddle.

Official Website

/8 The Minnesota Sinfonia
The mission of the Minnesota Sinfonia is "to serve the musical and educational needs of the citizens of Minnesota, with special emphasis given to families with young children, inner-city youth, seniors and those with limited financial means." The Sinfonia performs nearly 30 free admission concerts, attended by 15,000 people, and serves approximately 12,000 students in both Minneapolis and St. Paul public schools with 39 performances through our Music in the Schools. They are dedicated to serving the community

Official Website

/9 The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra
This newly formed band is already making a name for themselves with an eclectic mix of original and traditional country-edged, jazz/fusion instrumental pieces. Orchestra members include Dan Neale on guitar, Lisi Wright on fiddle, John Wright on bass, and Mark O'Day on drums/percussion. Two of The Orchestra's pieces were performed on A Prairie Home Companion in November of 2008.

Official Website

/13 Mandragora Tango Orchestra

Mandragora Tango is a group of four tango musicians based in Minneapolis. The band features Bob Barnes on accordion and bandoneon, Laura Harada on violin, Scott Mateo Davies on guitar, and Rahn Yanes on bass. The group makes regular appearances at Loring Pasta Bar in Dinkytown.

Official Website

/14 Greg Herriges/Telluric Currents

Greg has spent most of his musical career in Minneapolis, Minnesota making a name for himself through avant-rock ensembles. He studied ethnomusicology with a focus on Asian-art music. This is evident in many of his compositions.

Official Website

/15 World Superpower

A progressive modern rock trio, featuring the U of M drumline instructor!

Official Website

/16 The Moss Piglets
This band offers bluegrass music with a twist. Their sound is described as "a blend of bluegrass and oldtimey, with some country, altcountry, althillbilly, jugband, and rock." Band members include
John Barcay: melodica, piano, musical saw, turkey baster, vocals
Ian Gamble: clawhammer banjo, resophonic guitar, vocals, nagging
John Goolsby: acoustic guitar, mandolin, recorder, vocals, law
George Payne: standup bass, percussion, vocals
Mike Zullo: mandolin, guitar, violin, vocals

Official Website

/20 Jelloslave

Jelloslave features cellists Michelle Kinney and Jacqueline Ferrier-Ultan, along with drummer Greg Schutte and tabla player Gary Waryan. The cello and drum quartet offers a mixed repertoire with everything from Bach to Led Zeppelin, in addition to their improvisational and jazz-influenced compositions. Several of the band members have toured and performed with well-known artists including Sheryl Crow and Andrew Broder.

Official Website

/21 Romantica

Band members Ben Kyle, Luke Jacobs, James Orvis, Jessy Greene, and Tony Zaccardi met back when they were in school and formed a band awhile later in 2002. The band refers to their musical style as "Irish Americana Pop", and their recent album, America, made Paste Magazine's "100 Best of 2007" list. The album was recorded entirely at home, in a studio built by the band, and almost entirely through one microphone and one pre-amp. On the album you'll hear traces of true American artists, Gram Parsons, Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, and Iron and Wine, as well as a few from across the pond such as, Damien Rice, Nick Drake and Van Morrison.

Official Website

/22 Innocent Reggae Band

Inspired by Bob Marley, Innocent's music combines both reggae and his Tanzanian roots. His songs reflect his dedication to the message of international injustices and underprivileged people in the world. All five of his CDs, including his 1993 hit "Kilimanjaro", have been praised by various musical reviews. Innocent also received an award for Best Male Vocalist and Best World Beat group by the Minnesota Music Academy. Concert goers can expect to enjoy songs in Swahili and English when they attend his performance.

Official Website

Summer at Northrop June Lineup

Get to know the Summer at Northrop Artists - all the best from the Twin Cities and even Uppsala, Sweden!

Summer at Northrop
The University of Minnesota Summer Session and Concerts and Lectures present Summer at Northrop 2009 - 25 free, outdoor concerts showcasing music from around the globe. All concerts will be held weekdays from noon to 1 p.m. on the Northrop Plaza.Summer Page

/11 Michael Hauser and a Touch of Spain

Returning to Northrop, Michael Hauser is one of a handful of master flamenco guitarists in the nation. After studying with a number of Spain's great flamenco guitarists including Luis Maravilla, Niño Ricardo, Justo de Badajoz, and Juan Maya "Marote" Michael now teaches at Macalester College in St. Paul. His most current group, A Touch of Spain, is an exciting new music and dance ensemble dedicated to presenting the art of flamenco in its most authentic form and "Nuevo Flamenco" which incorporates flute, sax, bass, percussion and guitar.

Official Website

/15 New Primitives - KICK OFF PARTY

Winner of the Minnesota Music Awards five years in a row, the New Primitives are known for their high energy performances of mixing world pop, reggae, and Latin rock. Formed in 1999, the diverse group of talented musicians performs regularly in the Twin Cities in dedication to bringing people together in an environment where everyone is welcome and anything is possible.

Stanley Kipper: lead vocals, timbales, trap drums, and percussion
Returned to Minneapolis after living in LA for 20 years playing with other accomplished artists and coming songs for several films and commercials
Chico Perez: percussion and backing vocals
Has been drumming for many years and keeps busy making drums and teaching African and Afro-Cuban percussion at the Minneapolis Drum Center
Joel Arpin: trap drums, percussion and backing vocals
Matthew Stevens: bass guitar, backup vocals
Played jazz at the U of M School of Music, and has played with several other Twin Cities bands including The Beads and Wookiefoot.
Tom Peterson: bass guitar
Brian "Snowman" Powers: saxophone, ewi, vocals, and producer
Javier Baldemar Trejo: guitar and vocals
Dee Jay Trichrome: Selector, beats, hype, and tech

Official Website

/16 France Has the Bomb

France has the bomb is a four piece band with a new sound of indie pop tinged rock touring locally at such venues as the Whole Music Club and Turf Club. They've also had considerable play time on Radio K.

Official Website

/17 Summit Ave.

Summit Ave. is a new addition to the Summer at Northrop lineup this year, but hardly new to the Twin Cities. Since they formed in 2004, they have earned the tag as one of the best up-and-coming bands in the Midwest blending rock, pop, and blues. In the summer of 2005, Summit Ave. played with Pete Yorn, The Wallflowers, Better Than Ezra, Blue Merle, Carbon Leaf, and more at the Bascilica Block Party. With their two successful albums under their belt, "As I Am" and "Bend", Summit Ave. has earned play time on over 200 different college radio stations, performed in nearly 250 shows and is being licensed by My Super Sweet Sixteen on MTV.

Official Website

/18 Kristoff Krane

The first hip hop act that we've ever had at the Summer at Northrop concerts.
His distinctive blend of message driven lyrics and carefully chosen beats proven to be a success with his first album "This Will Work for Now" released last September.
Krane has been very influential not only on the local hip-hop scene, but he has also impacted the community; known for his work with youth in schools, and recently published book, "The Other."

His talent has landed him at Soundset 09, a festival thrown by RhymeSayers Ent, with over 13,000 people in attendance. Krane has also shared the stage with such acts as Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Heiruspecs, POS, and MF Doom.

Official Website

/19 De Visa Musical Troupe from Uppsala, Sweden

Summer at Northrop is pleased to include the international group, De Visa Musical Troupe to the '09 lineup. With the group only in the Twin Cities for two weeks, we are excited to see their slight avant-garde twist to popular songs such as Kiss From a Rose, Every Breath You Take, and Mad World. We were fortunate enough to be teamed up with the troupe through the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis who has been partnering with Uppsala, Sweden. Northrop will be donating to the Institute in exchange for the concert.

Official Website

/22 Café Accordion

A long time friend of the Summer at Northrop, Café Accordion is a loungy, eclectic mix, full of French flare, Latin heat and Bohemian attitude. Describing themselves as "berets and bongos," the core of their repertoire is a romantic, gypsy-influenced valse-musette with swing, ballads, tangos, and cha cha's for a varied show. Entertaining audiences since 1995, Café Accordion has appeared in Lincoln Center's Midsummer Nigh Swing series in New York, the International Akkoreon Festival in Vienna, the Minnesota State Fair, and many other festivals and theaters across the United States.

Official Website

/23 Lynhurst

Formerly The Abdomen, we had to bring the sibling pop rock trio back to Summer at Northrop while we could. This year is the only year that all three siblings are at the U of M. Led by singer/drummer Mari and accompanied by brothers Matt (guitar, keyboards, harmonies) and Jake (bass, harmonies), the group named themselves after the neighborhood park near where their band was born. After receiving nation wide recognition, Lynhurst has recently recorded in LA and is touring extensively across the Midwest and even playing at a few festivals in the south.

Official Website

/24 Charanga Tropical

Charanga Tropical is a nine-piece salsa ensemble performing classical salsa music with the unique "charanga" instrumentation that blends classic salsa with modern.
This perfect blend has rich harmonies that great for listening to and spicy variety that is perfect for dancing. Including master musicians from Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, and the U.S. their collective accomplishments include tours to Asia, Europe, and South America, platinum recordings, doctorate degrees, and multiple Latin Grammy nominations.

Saxophone and Flute player Doug Little founded the group in 2006 and has brought the unique charanga style to Minneapolis (its rarely heard outside of Cuba, Mexico, and a few select American cities). Joined with Viviana Pintado, a star pianist and vocalist who has received three Latin Grammy nominations, and Eliezer Freitas-Santos, Mariano Flores, Damian Rodriguez, Kerri Fabyanske, Latannia Ellerbe, Kirsti Petraborg, and Mark Haynes (who has recorded with Janet Jackson on two platinum selling CDs).

Official Website

/25 New Music Machine

A brand new band to the lineup, this indie folk rock group came from Elk River Minnesota. They recorded their first cd "Portable City" last year and have entertained crowds at the Whole Music Club and Varsity Theatre.

Official Website

/29 Tony Hauser and the Brasilnutz

Brother of esteemed flamenco guitarist, Michael Hauser, Tony is a virtuoso guitar player who is well known to audiences for his classical, flamenco and Latin-American guitar performances. For over a decade he has championed the music of Brazil and has played throughout the U.S. for over 25 years.

/30 Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs

Referring to themselves as the "monster trucks of folk music" The Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs are a real gem in the Twin Cities. Their spirited and mostly acoustic versions of arranged country, blues, folk, rock, and pop tunes are mixed with good humor and will certainly grab your attention. With at least two generations of fearless players, these guys will take on anything from Rolling Stones, the Replacements, the Faces, and Tom Waits.

Official Website