Nurse Charged for Stealing Narcotic

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A Wisconsin nurse stole over 100 doses of narcotics from a Stillwater hospital where she worked, according to the Star Tribune.

Della R. Thalin, an employee at Lakeview Health for nearly nine years, admitted stealing hydromorphone, a derivative of morphine, on more than 21 occasions by using her identification and password to access the storage where the drug was, reported KSTP.

Thalin was sentenced by Judge Ann Montgomery to three years probation and required to pay over $3,900 in restitution to the hospital.

Her defense attorney said that Thalin has been under increasing stress due to her husband losing his job, aiding her sick mother, lack of sleep and other hospital responsibilities. Thalin also said she has kicked the drug habit.

Hospitals will be working more closely with the Drug Enforcement Administration, the local police and health regulators to work on security measures.

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