Suicide Bomb Explodes During Funeral Procession

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A suicide-bomber car exploded during a funeral procession in Baghdad Friday morning, killing at least 31 people, reported the Washington Post.

The explosion occurred around 11:00 a.m in a mostly Shiite neighborhood of the the southeast part of the city. The funeral procession was for three people who had been killed the day before.

According to reports by Fox news, the blast injured 65 people including 16 policemen.

Salam Hussein, a 42-year-old grocery store owner, told the associated press that "It was a huge explosion". As he took an injured employee to the hospital he saw "human flesh scattered around and several mutilated bodies in a pool of blood" around the car that had been exploded.

Since U.S troops retreat, violence has spread throughout Iraq and Shiite groups have been a target of violence. This attack is the second deadliest single attack of the month.

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