antipathy for Obama outweighs qualms about Romney

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Interviews by The Associated Press at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington on Thursday found little passion for former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, reported the Washington Post.

However, nobody said they wouldn't support Romney if he was in the position to beat President Barack Obama.

Although it was only a day of interviewing in one area, if these feelings represent the wide-spread view, it means Romney may be able to rally conservative support if he is the Republican nominee, reported the Star Tribune.

Scott and Donna Olson, small business owners in the Milwaukee suburbs, said their dislike of Obama outweighs their feelings for the GOP contenders.

Donna Olson said "No one who wants to get rid of the Obama agenda will sit out the election because Romney's the nominee."

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You're doing well on the blogs. Try to write these stories to be engaging as well as clear. Interviews of those attending the conference, right? Keep it up, Molly. You're doing well. GG

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