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Fox 9 News and Star Tribune have quite a difference in their multimedia usage.

Fox 9 has a lot more video, with only scattered photos in its online articles. This makes a lot of sense, since the organization is broadcast not print. The videos complement the writing by showing what/where it is happening in real time. You get to view the scene of an accident or witness somebody doing an action through the video. The writing is still just the news article, because the video doesn't have a cut-line with it to explain things. The writing has the characteristics of broadcast; when you read through it, it sounds a bit more like a "performance" whereas a print article will give it to you a bit more straight and less flair. There seems to be a bit more personality to it, a voice but not necessarily a bias.

Star Tribune has a significant number of picture galleries. This makes sense, since it is a print organization and those can be used in the paper! The pictures can tell their own story, like the photo gallery of Twins Spring Training. It shows pictures of the different players and the cut-lines tell who the players are, what they are playing and practicing. This writing is very simple. Not many of the Twins pictures have a second sentence with them, but the other galleries have pictures with a quote or a fact following the cut-line. The pictures complement the news by giving you a visual. If I said "Span covered center-field" people might question who he was and a picture will help clarify that. It also adds more flair and fun to the pieces!

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