UN Votes to crack down on Syria

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The U.N. General Assembly voted Thursday to implement a resolution demanding Syria end its brutal 11-month crackdown on anti-government protesters, reported Fox 9 News.

The resolution included endorsing an Arab League plan for a political transition that would require President Bashar al-Assad to yield some of his powers.

he vote in the 193-member world body on the Arab-sponsored resolution was 137-12 with 17absentations, although some countries complained of being unable to vote due to complications, reported the Washington Post.

The U.N's decisions are not legally binding but they are a reflection of world opinion. The resolution cannot be vetoed.

Efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria have stalled since China and Russia vetoed a resolution calling for the establishment of a government of national Unity. The Arab League hoped the U.N.'s vote on Thursday would reinforce that plan.

In Syria, forces have continued trying to suppress the revolt with attacks across the country. Twenty-six have been reported killed by human rights groups on Thursday.

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