Sister of murder victim calls walking tour "evil"

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The sister of one of Jeffrey Dahmer's 17 murder victims was a part of a group protest Saturday at a Milwaukee walking tour of Dahmer's haunts. She called out to tours that what they were doing was "just as evil" as Dahmer himself, reported the Huffington Post.

Janie Hagen's brother disappeard in 1988 and was one of Dahmer's first victims.

"This whole thing opens up a lot of old wounds, a lot of painful memories," Hagen said while holding a sign calling tour-organizer Bam Media and Marketing heartless, reported MSNBC. "It's that same hurt all over again."

Hagen says it is just a ploy to make money off her brother's, and others, deaths.

The tour guide continued without hesitance, leading the group through the street for an hour. He read from notecards, naming the victims met at each location, their sexual activity and how Dahmer killed and disposed of them, reported CBS.

Dahmer, a chocolate factory worker, visited Milwaukee-area gay bars where he would met his victims. He confessed to the murder of 17 men in 1991, some of whom he mutilated and cannibalized. Dahmer was beaten to death by an inmate in 1994.

Participants of the tour found it educational.

"You look at it now and it's all these nice buildings," Paul Smith, 26, of Waukesha said. "You really wouldn't think all these horrific things happened here."

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