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New Summer Display Is Up: Mosquitoes!

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Just in time for summer, the Natural Resources Library has put up a new display, featuring everyone's favorite summer insect: the mosquito.

The display highlights some of the resources that the library has on the mosquito, both from our general circulating collection as well as our rare book collection.

Come and check out the new display!


New Books: Week of 6/24

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Some new books have come in to the Natural Resources Library. They are featured on our New Books Shelf.

NB Shelf 2.JPG

Some of the new books featured include:

* Gray Wolves and the Endangered Species Act by Chase Ewing and Roger H. Cooley (editors)
* Forest Sustainability in America by Anne M. Weston and Richard T. Falton (editors)
* Invasive Species: Threats, Ecological Impact and Control Methods by Joaquin J. Blanco and Adrian T. Fernandes (editors)
* Genetic Sex Differentiation in Fish by T. J. Pandian
* Tool Use in Animals: Cognition and Ecology by Crickette M. Sanz, Josep Call, and Christophe Boesch (editors)

Come and check it out! If you have any suggestions for books or other resources that we should purchase, please contact the Natural Resources Librarian, Shannon Farrell, at sfarrell@umn.edu.

New Books Shelf

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The Natural Resources Library (NRL) has a new New Books Shelf. We have been receiving a lot of new titles and will be adding them to the shelf as they come in. Expect the shelf to change on a biweekly basis.

Right now, the New Books Shelf features items such as:

* Grizzly Bears and Razor Clams: Walking America's Pacific Northwest Trail by Chris Townsend
* Forest People Interfaces edited by Bas Arts, Severine Van Bommel, Miriam Ros-Tonen, and Gerard Verschoor
* Boreal Birds of North America: A Hemispheric View of Their Conservation Links and Significance edited by Jeffrey V. Wells
* Fisheries Management and Conservation edited by William Hunter III
* Sea Turtles of the Eastern Pacific: Advances in Research and Conservation edited by Jeffrey A. Seminoff and Bryan P. Wallace
* Pot-Honey: A Legacy of Stingless Bees edited by Patricia Vit, Silvia R.M. Pedro and David Roubik
* Shaping Kruger: The Dynamics of Managing Wildlife in Africa's Premier Game Park by Mitch Reardon

Clipped New Book Shelf.JPG

Remember: if there is anything that you think we should purchase that we don't have, please contact the Natural Resources Librarian, Shannon Farrell (sfarrell@umn.edu), or let the staff at NRL know.