U of Michigan Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program

       University of Michigan's Post-baccalaureate Research Education
Program (PREP), funded by the NIH, is designed to help underrepresented
students who want to further prepare for application to top-ranked
Ph.D. programs in the biological and biomedical sciences.
       Since most strong graduate schools now consider significant prior
research essential to understanding the rigors of graduate school and
a career in science, a year of post-baccalaureate research can make a
significant difference in the ability of students to matriculate into
a graduate program that maximizes their potential.  In some other cases,
students may have research experience, but have specific deficiencies in
their academic background that diminish their qualifications for graduate
school. These students will be able to take additional course work
while enhancing their research credentials in our PREP program.
        Up to nine applicants will be selected to enter the program on July
1, 2010.  During the first month of study PREP directors will help
students match with faculty mentors whose labs are doing research of
interest to them. Over 150 University of Michigan faculty members
are available to mentor PREP students for one year research
experiences, including guiding them through the graduate school
application process. All admitted students receive a full tuition
scholarship, salary ($21,000), and benefits including health and
dental insurance.  In addition to research, PREP students have
opportunities to participate in a variety of activities designed to
help prepare them for graduate school applications.
       Applications to the Michigan PREP will be accepted until April
16, 2010, however admissions are rolling so early applications are

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