May 7, 2008


There are many reasons why I would recommend Manhattans restaurant. I have always been of fan of the night life, the beautiful street lights its never ending busyness of the city. Manhattans restaurant is located in Minneapolis where the city never sleeps and you can always find something to get into.
I really enjoyed the Manhattan restaurant because the wonderful service I received. The staff there are very committed to ensuring the there quests are treated with the utmost respect. There staff are well trained at defusing bad situations.
On the night that I dinned there, as you can imagine there was a lot of chaos. However one man in particular stood out among the rest. He was terribly upset because he wanted his streak to be cooked medium rare and from some reason or another and the cook always seemed to cook it a little longer than the man wanted. I guess by the time I showed up he had sent his food back four times and was wearing out of patience. However the staff at Manhattan remained polite and calm and addressed his concern head on. However the man found it difficult to remain calm and polite, as a result his voice continued to escalate through out the restaurant disturbing the peace everyone there.
In situations like these it is always interesting to me to watch the reactions of the people involved. As I watch I can only imagine what I would do in that person’s situation. And it is always interesting to me when they handle the situation as I would. I get some sense of pride I guess because in some ways it reaffirms my problem solving and customer service skills. I believe that customer service skills are important because they can be used in all aspects of life, for example in your personal life as well as in your professional life.
All in all I enjoyed my time at this restaurant and was able to appreciate the patience and kindness of the staff members.

Chamber Kitchen

Chambers Kitchen was a very nice restaurant. This restaurant had a lot of detail and a lot of flavor to it. This was one the many restaurants I went to where you really had to dress for the occasion. You definitely could not walk in there with a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. However there was a quest that was not aware of the fact that a dress code, so to speak would enforced.
A small group of guys walked into the restaurant very underdressed. They were all wearing jeans and white T-shirts. Unfortunately for them they were turned away as the hostess reminded them of the restaurants dress code. I was shocked to see them being turned away because this was not a club it was just a place to eat food.
As I watched them walk away I started to think about all the people that are starving due to the lack of food. I have realized that a person cannot tell merely by looking at another person that they are hungry. I have always thought of that homeless people were the “face? of hunger, however I could not know that just by looking at those men whether they were starving or not. Therefore I began wondering what the “face? of hunger actually looks like. I know for a fact that people tend to mask their problems for example on the University campus there is a lot of students that are homeless and that are starving however I would never know it because of the way they dress and how well they hide it.
Homelessness and hunger are the few societal ill this nation is faced with, plaguing this country. Yet it has been made clear that our nation has more than enough resources to end hunger. While dining at Chambers Kitchen it hit me just how privileged I am to be able to eat 3 course meals everyday and sometimes more.
After my meal I decided to get involved and learn more and since then I have been volunteering at Second Harvest Heartland. Second Harvest Heartland is a food bank that supplies food to various shelters, afterschool events for teens, battered women shelter and to the homeless through out the Metro Area and parts of Wisconsin. I have taken an active part in the day to day operations as well as the behind the senses look at the fight to end hunger.

Chino Latino

I can honestly say that I always have a good time at Chino Latino. I have grown so accustom to their food. It is always interesting to me when I come into a restaurant and the servers know you by name and are able to make recommendations as to what you would like to eat based on the things that you have enjoyed in the past. I think that this is probably the best tailored service I have received in along time. It just goes to show how much paying attention to details no matter how small can make a big difference in a person’s experience.
Based on the warm treatment that I received from this restaurant I was able to take away more than a full stomach and a “to-go? box. I was able to learn the importance of tailoring to you customers. The servers knew exactly what I would like because they took the time to engage with me enough to make a mental note of my preferences. I found that this can be useful in all types of professions for example when I finish with school I want to become a counselor. Base on my experience in this restaurant I know the impact that active listening will have on my client. It might make them more likely to continue therapy and it will make me more relatable. This will also aid me in building rapport and trust with my clients.
Another thing that I was able to take with me was what I refer to as the “just be nice? motto. Based on how nice all the servers were to me and my friends, I have learned that it is better to just be nice to people no matter the situation. I know that this will be useful when working with clients because this will make my job easier. If my clients see that I am truly there to help then they will be more likely to let their guard down.
Beside the professional tips that I was able to pick while at Chino Latino’s I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the energy the place had. Everyone seemed liked they shared one major goal of enjoyment and being in the presence of good company.

The Bonfire

The Bonfire is your every day type of restaurant similar to Applebee’s, just without the bad food and the terrible service. I liked dinning at the Bonfire because it reminded me of a college hang out spot, which was different from the other restaurants that I have attended. However I found this to be very refreshing because I did not have to get all dressed up to go out, I could just go as I am. There was no pressure to look the best and have the most jaw dropping outfit. I was given the chance to remain low key. I found that the atmosphere also followed this trend. The workers really did not go out of there way to help you and they would assist you, eventually. Normally this would bother me but for some reason I did not mind. I did not care if I was not greeted at the door with a live band or if the server did not remember my name or my order. I was in the mood for meaningless conversations that the staff members have with one another.
I remember one conversation I over heard was about someone forgetting there 82 year old grandmother in the airport bathroom and flying to Miami. I could not help but to laugh and then feel bad for the poor woman because I can only imagine how terrified she was with all the craziness of airports. Then I began thinking, how does a person forget another person and not just any person but their 82 year old grandmother. I mean I have heard people losing or forgetting their carry-on luggage or other property but not an old woman with a respirator that can barely walk.
As the staff members continued on with their story, I started to see the importance of meaningless conversations. I found that it is not about the conversation at all, that it is really about engaging with other people and sharing in their struggles and accomplishments. I found that this is what makes being human and interacting with your peers so great.
I was really able to enjoy my time at the Bonfire and hope to return to share my meaningless conversations. I plan to talk about everything and nothing at all and be with the people that will appreciate them the most.


The Wildfire restaurant was a fun loving atmosphere that took the edge off of a long hard days work. I had just finished taken my exams when some friends and I decided that we needed to take a break and to let off some steam. We decided that we did not want a place that was going to be too fancy because we really wanted to let lose and have some fun. Upon searching we came across the Wildfire and since none of us had been there before it was clear that we would be dinning there for the night.
When we arrived there we were greeted by loud music and mayhem, which we just what the doctor ordered. It seemed like everyone there were seeking the same things as we were; once seated we began to take in the atmosphere and before long we were the loudest group in the restaurant and most popular. People were coming over to our table and getting in to the conversation, people were also buying us drinks. It seemed like everyone wanted a piece of the action.
For this experience at the Wildfire I was able to walk away with so much. I was able to walk away with a sense of culture and belonging. I was able to release month’s worth of stress in a single night. I was able to let lose and really be myself, which allowed me to truly engage with everyone around me. I was able to laugh more than I have ever laughed in the last two months. I was able to walk away truly satisfied. Therefore I highly recommend the Wildfire for a weekend getaway. If you are looking to make some new friends or to engage with your old ones then head over to the Wildfire. If you are really for a quick little break that is with in the city then come and enjoy the food and the atmosphere at the Wildfire. It is well worth the time and you walk away with so much more.

May 4, 2008


Vic’s is another truly beautiful restaurant that is similar to Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant for many reasons. Just like the Jazz Club, Vic’s plays live music. Both restaurants have the most precious interior design that I have ever seen. And the hospitality I received was similar to our southern hospitality, which I found very inviting.
Although they share common interests, Vic’s is still a restaurant that can stand on its own and need not be mistaken for another. For example one of the things that really set them apart is the fact that Vic’s has a special theme to go with their choice of live music every Friday and Saturday night. The night I went there it just so happen that I was on a “date? or something to that affect and ironically the theme for the night was “Romantica? that helped set the mood.
Another thing that puts this restaurant in a field of their own is the special lighting through out the restaurant and the view of the Minneapolis riverfront. These two things I found to be really captivating and really played a major part in setting the mood for the night.
After we ate we decided to take advantage of the wonderful view and go for a walk. It was a cool night and the perfect amount of breeze. The entire city was lit up just right and our conversations were endless. We were truly taken back by all the liveliness the city encompassed. Walking around this wonderful restaurant in this beautiful city I had a few different epiphanies. I have been going through a really tough semester and had been under overwhelming amounts of stress. However while I was there all I could do was think about the good things in my life and I began to feel a lot better. I made a promise to myself that I was going to take life as it comes and let things fall where they may. I was not going to continue to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders but I was going to let things be. I was going to change the things that with in my control and ask God to take the rest.
However I do not think that I could have thought of these things without the help of dinning at Vic’s. If you are going on a date or planning something really special and need a place to go I would head over to Vic’s, it’s a real treat.

Jazz anyone?

The Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant is truly inspiring. I was so excited to dine at this restaurant. This place is a true experience. As you walk in the vibe is so strong that you automatically know that it is going to be a good night and that you came to the right place.
I grew up in the south so Jazz music has always been a big part of who I am. Right from the time I was a little girl, my father and I would spend hours listening to Jazz music. I can honestly say that Jazz music is one of the few genres of music that you can never get tired of. No matter what you find yourself doing, be it Saturday morning cleaning of the house, studying for an exam, getting dressed for the day or just some alone time, jazz music is always there to make the journey more endurable.
Don’t get me wrong I am also very big on lyrics as well however there is something to be said about the cool melody of an instrumental ballet. To be able to capture and captivate the hearts and the minds of the listeners without the utterance of a single word, or to be able convey and relate a sad yet hopeful message the listener and have them mistake not one beat it truly amazing.
At this restaurant you cannot help but get in to the music. Before long the music becomes apart of you and you find yourself slowly moving to the beat. You cannot help but smile, for the peace that fills your body as the sweet melody seeps through your ears is enough to give you a deeper understanding of yourself. Whenever I get into the music, jazz has a tendency to make me feel more educated; however not the kind of education that I receive from a book or in a class but a type of education that comes from understanding people and their struggles. At this restaurant you are able to experience this and so much more along as you are open to it. Then to top it off with a wonderful dish it is truly an experience.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary it a cute little spot, it’s a restaurant with aspects of the classic Mediterranean and Japanese theme in a romantic olden day setting. The Sanctuary encompasses a warm and friendly environment that takes the life’s stresses away upon entry of the wooden doors. I found that after a long hard day at school and work that this restaurant was exactly what I needed to center and refocus and cool off.
I found that the company of friends made everything more exciting, and as I looked around the table at all the different faces I could only imagine the different struggles we all face. However although we all have different responsibilities and face different struggles we can all gather around one table and embrace our differences. I may not be able to relate to every person that I come in contact with but I know that as a society we all have one thing in common and that it making and cherishing memories.
I really believe that food brings people together. Growing up in my family house we all have very busy lives and very busy schedules. Things can get so crazy that you could go almost the entire day without seeing every member of the family. However my mother always made it a point of duty that no matter how busy we are or no matter how crazy and hectic things got that we must all gather around the dinning table and have dinner. My mom did not care whether you had the most important final exam the next day or if you were going to meet the Pope in the morning, once 7pm came around we all had dinner as a family. I think that the importance of oneness goes on in a lot of families and this same way of life can be seen in restaurants such as the Sanctuary.
Therefore if you are looking for a great escape for the night or just a place to be you’re your family then the Sanctuary is the place to go. If you are looking for a place to be alone and just observe the world and around you and gain new insight then come into Sanctuary where the food is great and the company is always wanted.


Bellanote was the second restaurant in the twin cities area that I fell in love with just upon entry of the restaurant. Bellanote reminds me of something I would see in the movies, because it is one of the only restaurants in the Metro Area where an everyday-kind of person can go and feel like a celebrity. It looks like a place that only the upper class could afford to go to but its not, if a broke college student like me can afford to dine here then just about anyone can, just not every night of course. I call it the all purpose “hot spot,? the place to be and to be seen. This restaurant is known for its “blackout? parties and various other sophisticated events for the grown and sexy. With the right outfit and the right kind of shoes, I feel that this restaurant has the abilities to give you the perfect boost of confidence to turn a bad day into a great night.
However the restaurant was not the only thing that made me fall in love it was the help of the location of the restaurant and the darkness that surrounded the city that sealed the deal. As we parked our car and as we began approaching the restaurant, I could not help but notice all the bright lights that filled the city. Everything from the street lights to the lights from the other restaurants that pierced through the night like a ray of sun light piercing through my bedroom window making the arrival of day known. We were in Minneapolis, the heart of Minneapolis for that fact next to the Target Center and in the middle of all the action.
If you are looking for a great night with your girls or just a wonderful place to eat and be “seen? then this restaurant is the place to go. But if you are not in the mood to be the center of attention and you are looking for some one on one time around a romantic fireplace with that special someone then Bellanote has got you covered.
This wonderful restaurant is located 600 Hennepin Ave South, Minneapolis Minnesota. You can call to make reservations or simply walk in. Either way for as long as you get, you are sure to have a “beautiful night.?


So as I was deciding on what to do this assignment on I started thinking about all the fun things I like to do in the Twin Cities. The first thing that came to mind was restaurants. One of the things that I really enjoy doing is getting all dressed and going out to a nice restaurant with my friends. I am going to discuss my top 10 picks for “upscale? restaurants. I love restaurants because it is a wonderful reason for people together no matter how busy they may be. Restaurants are great for business meetings, brunch with your mother, celebrations, and most importantly feeding.
Besides the gathering of friends another thing that I especially enjoy doing at restaurants is trying the various dishes. My motto is that I will try something at least once, no matter how crazy it may look, as long as it is eatable and I won’t die then I will try it. However in the event that I try something and I don’t like I at least have the option of enjoying the company of my friends and making memories that will definitely out live the food. One memory that comes to mind is my 21th birthday and the restaurant of choice was Azia.
Azia is the restaurant of choice for many reasons. One is that it is a beautiful restaurant with a wonderful atmosphere that is set to fit any occasion. It is perfect for striking a business deal, celebrating a birthday or an anniversary or simply enjoying the company of friends and friends.
The first time I went to this restaurant I was celebrating my 21th birthday. I was going for a different and more matured look and thought that Azia could deliver and thought was about a year and a half ago and I have been hooked every since. The great thing about this restaurant is its food and its location. Azia is located in the heart of Minneapolis that definitely show cases the night life of the city.