Why Psychology?

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At age sixteen, I watched my uncle develop schizophrenia. He had a college degree, he was successful, and married. Then at age 29, he started to hear voices and have hallucinations. My uncle was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia by age 30. He is currently on medication and attends therapy regularly. Although sad, watching my uncle go through the different stages, gave me a desire to want to know more. I wanted to understand how such an event could occur so quickly, what where the preceptors, and if proper treatment could ever cure the illness. These questions then evolved into wanting to understand human behavior. Why do people act the way they act and can behaviors ever be changed? I was excited to get these questions answered going into my first day of class. Now at week four, I am fascinated in how much psychology is a science! I did not except to discover the significance of research and the biology in the world of psychology. I was surprised to learn how detailed research has to be and how much evidence has to be presented. I was also surprised to examine the different human parts of biology that are essential in learning human behavior. Thus far, class has made me realize that psychology has a diverse set of components, with each engaging in its own set of rules. I now realize that it will take a while before my questions coming into class will be answered but I'm eager to learn.

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