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As the winter season rapidly approach Chilly Billy's, a frozen yogurt shop in Dinky Town, is researching whether or not the cold weather will effect their sales. Chilly Billy's posted a survey using Survey Monkey on their page, and since I have "liked" them on Facebook it appeared on my newsfeed.

Their survey asked general questions about how many times I frequent Chilly Billy's per season. They also wanted to know how many times I went to Chilly Billy's per month. Their choices consisted of 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 times per month and was multiple choice. This put me in as a participant in an odd spot. I was unsure what to click as my answer, since I generally visit Chilly Billy's maybe 2-3 times per year. This was a poor design for a survey since the responses should be exclusive and exhaustive. Generally, per month I frequent Chilly Billy's 0-1 times- more 0 than 1. My responding 1-2 times will mislead the researcher in thinking im a more frequent customer than I am. They also could interpret the rest of the answers from the survey based on how many times they believe I go to Chilly Billy's, this would lead the results to different assumptions and skewed results.

It was interesting to see that Chilly Billy's used social media as their survey method. The advantages of posting the survey on Facebook is that Chilly Billy's was able to get responses quickly and easily reach a large number of their customers. This survey was also inexpensive for Chilly Billy's since they used survey monkey in order to conduct the survey. There are also some negatives that go along with using a social media as a tool for reaching survey participants. Most of the participants in this survey were fans of Chilly Billy's on Facebook, yet a number of the customers probably have not "liked" their Facebook page. This means that Chilly Billy's is not reaching a large number of their customers. Also, they are only getting the response of people who have tried Chilly Billy's so they are missing out on the opinions of people who may become future customers. Also, out of the people who viewed the survey on their "newsfeed", Chilly Billy's is only getting the response of people who choose to take the survey (volunteers). A large number of people may see the survey posted on Facebook, yet only a number of them will take the time to participate.

I think this survey was effective in reaching a large number of their followers and gaining insight on whether their customers plan to continue to go to Chilly Billy's in the cold months, however I think in order to gain an effective amount of information they should use other survey methods as well. It would also be beneficial for Chilly Billy's to also do a survey in person as well. This way they get the views of their customers as they are coming in the store, rather than people who do not frequent the store often yet likes them on Facebook.

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