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For the past three years now I have worked at The Tea Garden, a locally owned bubble tea shop in the Twin Cities. As I was recently was promoted to manager, I now attend monthly manager meetings. At the last manager meeting we were informed that a study had been conducted in Germany that found that bubble tea might carries carcinogen's which lead to cancer. These results were very worrisome to our company since many customers have asked about whether our bubble tea has cancer causing chemicals, which was bad for our product and store's reputation. Our company followed the progress of this research, since we wanted to make sure we were providing our customers with a safe beverage.

After looking deeper into the research study we found that they had only tested one type of "bubble". The traditional bubble, tapioca pearls, had not been included in the study that stated bubble tea carried carcinogens. A follow up study was conducted by German authorities and Taiwan's FDA proving that bubble tea is carcinogen free. In the follow-up study, a larger number of bubble tea ingredients were tested. Over 84 Taiwanese beverage products were tested by the consumer protection agency of Nordrhein- Westfalen. This study found that bubble tea did not carry any cancer causing chemicals.

It is really important to make sure research is accurate when going public with the results. In the first study, the results had determined that bubble tea might carry carcinogens. However, after doing a follow up study that included a larger variety of bubble tea, the results found that it does not carry any cancer causing chemicals.

It is very important that our company follows different research studies that involve our products. It would be unethical to serve our customers any product found to be dangerous for their health. Our company ensures that we are providing our customers' with beverages that are unique and great tasting as well as healthy.

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