Women's Perception of Gynecological Diseases- Participant Study

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This semester I have participated in a variety of different research studies. I am generally contacted through my UMN email with the instructions that a research study is available to sign up for on the SJMC Research Participation System. This particular study was titled "A Study on Women's Perception of Gynecological Diseases". Before I was able to start answering the questions for this survey I must agree to participate after having read the consent form(attached below).
A Study on Women's Perception of Gynecological Diseases.docx

This form explains the background information and purpose for this study. This background information informs the participant of what the questions will consist of. The background information also informs the participant that the survey should only take between 10-15minutes to complete, which is convenient to know so the participant can put aside the amount of time needed to complete this survey. The consent form also informs the participant that there are minimal risk involved in this study, yet the benefit in participating is that the participant will receive extra credit as well as the information gathered from the study will be used to create more effective health campaigns.

The consent form also states that the participant will receive confidentiality. Although, I needed to provide my UMN x.500 ID in order to gain extra credit, the consent form states that no personally identifiable information will be attached to my responses. This study also guarantees that the study is kept private to ensure confidentiality for their participants.

The consent form also states that the participation is voluntary. It is states that it is my decision whether or not to participate in this study. It also informs the participant that it is okay to withdraw from the study at any time. The form also provides contact information, in case the participant has any questions involving this study.

After having agreed to this consent form I was able to start answering questions. This survey started with questions focusing on my gynecological history and knowledge surrounding woman's health namely cervical cancer and STD's. It also asked many questions focusing on the social stigma that goes along with a woman having either of these health problems. It appeared that this study started with light and simpler questions and as it continued it gradually became more serious. This survey used a Likert Scale in which I choose whether I strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, or strongly disagree with each statement that was said. They had the scale balanced and by offering a neutral I was able to feel comfortable by selecting each option.

I think that it was really beneficial for this survey to be conducted online. It was very convenient for the researcher to get participants since they went through the SJMC Research Participation System through the UMN. Also, with the incentive of extra credit many people are willing to participate. It is also useful that this study is conducted online since the topic can be a little sensitive to participants. The participants are more likely to answer sensitive questions honestly when they remain faceless on the internet. There is a sense of no judgement. This comfort for the participant ensures the study is getting accurate results.

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