Ads, Brands, and the Environment

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I took a survey that was emailed to me from SJMC Research Participation System that focused on a SunChips and a Dasani water (ad not found) commercial.

This survey was interesting on how they placed the questions. First they had the participants watch the ad, then asked questions on how after seeing the ad how do you perceive the company based only on the ad. Then they ask how you see the company in general. They repeated this structure of questions for both ads. I could not help but wonder why the researcher did not ask the questions in a different order. I feel that the survey would have been more beneficial if the structure was asking the participants how they felt of the brand as a whole questions first, then showing the ad and asking how you feel about the brand after seeing the ad. By asking the participants their opinions of the brand as a whole after showing them the ad makes their opinion a little biased. Since the participant was shown the ad, even though they are told not to that ad is still in their mind and they will base their opinions from the ad they just viewed.

After having shown both ads and asked questions about the brands, the survey takes a turn and starts asking questions about the participants views of the environment. By using a Likert Scale, the researcher states a number of opinions about the environment that the participant ha to rate how much they agree or disagree (neutral is an option). I felt that the statements were a little leading since they were stated with a judgmental tone which could influence the participant's response. For example one statement was stated something like this: "I drive even if I can walk and do not care how much carbon dioxide is emitted into the air". This wording of the question made me as the participant feel a little guilty and even if I was promised confidentiality I put strongly disagree. Yet, I should have put neutra, because even as horrible as it is to drive for the environment I am guilty of doing it all the time. The researcher should have worded the questions better in order to make the participant more comfortable with answering them correctly.

This survey's use of the commercials helped keep me as the participant interested. I was excited to give my feedback about the commercials and their brands. The use of video made the survey much more exciting and fun to do.

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