Black Friday

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Black Friday has become the most celebrated holiday for shopaholics and bargain hunters alike. As Black Friday approaches Gallup, conducted a survey showing that Black Friday is mainly for a younger crowd.


Gallup poll that was conducted between November 15- 18, 2012. Gallup poll is based on telephone interviews of a random sample of 1015 adults living in the United States and District of Columbia. The results of this sample have a 95% confidence that the maximum number of sampling error is +/- 3% points.

This survey was the first time that Gallup has asked Americans if they plan to shop on Black Friday. With that said I am excited for next year when Gallup will be able to compare their results with the year before. When looking into research on Black Friday shoppers, I was more interested in the overall amount of people who plan to participate rather than age, and I feel like next year, Gallup will be able to do research to see if their results have changed, a trend study.

My personal opinion is that the amount of people who go shopping on Black Friday has decreased. Now that Black Friday begins as early as six pm. on Thanksgiving evening, it has taken fun out of both Black Friday and Thanksgiving. I think that opening that early puts a lot of people off of the idea of going shopping. Also, the deals now last about a week. Since I am a bargain shopper, but do not like to participate in the Black Friday madness I appreciate the "not as great" deals prior to Black Fridays deal's.

I also think the new late night hours influences the age of the shoppers. People who are younger tend to like the idea of staying up all night more than adults do. As seen in Gallup's study, the age range of 18 to 29 has 34% going shopping and as the age increases the percentage of shoppers goes down ending with 65+ at only 8%. I expected the percentages to be higher for Black Friday, yet I assume that is due to the fact that they only included adults 18 and older. If the study had been included teen-agers (15 and older) the results would most likely be extremely different.

Gallup's study also included the "important reason" why people participate in Black Friday shopping.
Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 9.44.58 AM.png

I found this information really interesting to see the different reasons people participate in Black Friday. I think this sort of information is also useful for advertising to look at in order to attract their customers to their store. This study found that participants not only want the deals, but Black Friday is also an event.

I may never participate in the Black Friday madness, but it is interesting to see who/ why people participate. It will be interesting to see if Gallup does another study on this next year.

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