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This past weekend I visited the mall of america with the intention of finishing my Christmas shopping. As I was checking out at the Gap the sales associate told me to go online and complete the survey on the receipt and I would get 20% off my next purchase. This incentive worked for me, and I went home and completed the survey later that night. It was nice having an incentive that was instant rather than a chance to win something, because I have never even heard of people actually ever winning. So I took the 15-20 minutes to complete the survey with a guaranteed 20% off my next purchase at Gap.
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This survey overall had a good design. The questions were clear and easy to answer. The survey used mainly the likert scale with a list of statements about Gap store and the service I had experienced, which I ranked how much I agree or disagree with each statement. It also incorporated a few multiple choice and short answer. This survey asked many series of questions ranging from demographics, store atmosphere, customer service, product satisfaction and quality of price.

I think that it is good that the store employee mentions to the people at checkout that there is an opportunity for 20% off if you go online and take a survey. This incentive works on a number of people frequenting the mall. It is also beneficial since the customer is able to volunteer for the survey and take it at their convenience online. However, many customers may have intended to participate in the survey, yet lost or forgot their receipt. Many stores now email their customers the receipts rather than using a paper receipt. This would be helpful in reminding people of the customer satisfaction survey after they are home.

As the incentive worked on me as a consumer since I was satisfied with my experience and would like to go back, I can't help wonder if their responses are mainly one sided. A customer that had bad customer service and then did not like the quality of the clothing they purchased may not even bother to participate. If I had a horrible experience at a store that made me not want to shop there then I would not even want 20% off my next purchase, because I would no longer shop there. That is something that Gap will must think about when analyzing the results from their survey.

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