Holiday Family Get Togethers

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When I was younger getting together with my cousins, siblings, aunt and uncles was a much simpler task. Now as we get older my cousins are all married with children, my siblings have full time jobs and limited days off, and I have a full time job and full time school- growing up sucks. Finding a time for all of us together has become increasingly more difficult to organize. This year my very cool cousin shared a new tool in order to get our busy family together. Using Doodle all the members of my family was able to put what day works best for them.


I found this website to be extremely helpful. I find it humorous that now people are able to conduct such research to see which day works best for a family brunch or dinner. As technology continues to grow and society becomes increasingly more busy, research has become essential. I believe that people use research big or small in everyday activities.

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