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As the use of social media continues to increase it is important that companies take advantage of the new opportunities that arrise from it. The study "Social Media: A Wealth of Information" gives many insights on how social media provides numerous amounts of information that companies can use for research. Using social media in the form of research is able to provide companies with more knowledge and a closer connection with their consumers. Companies now have a closer connection and are able to see who their consumers are. By looking at their Facebook or Twitter pages, companies are also able to figure out what is the best way to get the attention of their consumers.

Through social media companies are able to identify and target their audiences. By monitoring their Facebook or Twitter page. This gives companies an idea of who the main consumers are of their brands. This helps companies determine what is the best way to reach their consumers. They are able to establish a demographic of consumers and find the best ways to reach them.

Social media has created a two way communication between the companies and their consumers. Facebook and Twitter have given people a way to connect with companies more directly and give them their feedback. By monitoring what is said about the company or their product through social media, companies are able to keep track of their brand's image. It is easy to look at the comments on Facebook in order to have an general idea of how people view your product/ company.

I have to ask myself if it is ethical to use a person's personal Facebook or Twitter for research? In my personal opinion, if a Facebook/ Twitter is public then that is acceptable to use for your research purposes. That should be fair game since it is public for anyone to observe. When using social media for research, the companies should be careful to not cross the line and hold true to their companies ethics.

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