The Mustache Run

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As No Shave November or "Movember" came to an end I found no better way to celebrate than running a 5k where everyone dressed up in mustaches. Yet, since I am a poor college student I am very thankful for livingsocial to give me a cheaper deal. The day after the race I received a customer satisfaction survey.


The layout for this survey was very simple. The survey was convenient for participants to complete since the questions were very easy and the survey only took a minute. The survey consisted of two multiple choice questions and one open ended question for additional comments. This survey was successful at getting a general opinion of the survey, but did not go in depth. It was also convenient for me to participate in this study, since the survey was emailed to me. The participants did not need to go looking to give their feedback of the event.

It was convenient for livingsocial to conduct this survey. At the purchase of the livingsocial deal, I had to make an account. In signing up for the account I had to provide my email address. This made it very easy for the researchers to distribute the surveys. This is extremely convenient for the researcher since they then know that I did participate in the Mustache Run and then they also have my contact information.

Overall, I felt that this survey was successful in getting a general opinion if the participants enjoyed the event or not. The survey was a little too simple; it would have been more beneficial if the survey was a little more in depth. The multiple choice question was able to gauge the participants satisfaction with the event by having them rate the event from 1-10. The research may know that the participant was 4, 5, 6, etc. satisfied in the event, yet they do not know the reason why. The survey would have been more effective if the reason why was included in the rating.

The survey was effective in gaining the participants general opinions about the event. It would also be beneficial for the researcher to use other methods of research such as observation and monitoring. Through observation the researcher would be able to observe the participants and staff before, during, and after the event. They would be able to observe the signing in process, the race, and the party after to understand how the event went. Observation allows the researcher to gauge participants reactions and the overall atmosphere of the event. Monitoring would also be very effective for this study. Upon signing up for The Mustache Run I was linked to their twitter page. By following "Moustache Run" on twitter I was able to get updates about the upcoming race. By monitoring participants interaction on twitter allows the researcher to get the opinions of people following them.

All in all, it was a fun race.

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