Week 2: Academia and the Freshers Flu


Part One: Freshers Flu

"Freshers' flu' is a term that has grown up on university and college campuses to describe the respiratory tract infections that are common during the first few weeks of the start of the academic year, often affecting a significant number of students and staff" York University.

Birmingham University is a plague house. You can shut your door against your sick flatmates, but you cannot escape this affliction when it is all around you. The professors warn you not to come near, but it is too late and the girl behind you sneezes onto the back of your head. Picture this: Yugh.

Thankfully yours truly battled out this scourge on the weekend, but many of her fellow students were not as lucky. As the clock ticks onward they drop like flies onto their desks, to catch a few moments of sleep before the inevitable coughing begins again.

Part Two: Academia

Module - course/class
College - high school

While the U.K. preaches environmentalism, they seem to hate trees. At least, I can only deduce this by the number that had to be killed for my courses. Instead of having only one or two textbooks, reading lists here also include many different scholarly articles each week, along with a couple more for "recommended reading." And since no one has yet to develop a good program for taking notes on an article on your screen, I am forced to single-handedly kill the rainforest.


What is the typical American stereotype?
Flatmate 1: Loud and Annoying!
Flatmate 2: Overly friendly and Over-sharing. And you all own guns.
Flatmate 1: And cowboys!
Flatmate 2: Don't worry, we don't mean you personally.
Flatmate 1: Well...
Me: =(
Flatmate 1: Just kidding!

How about a stereotypical American University?
Flatmate 2: Rory on Gilmore Girls (*apparently this came out not too long ago here)
Flatmate 1: Dorms, parties and jocks. And Sororities and Fraternities.

What is one word you hate that Americans say or mispronounce?
Flatmate 2: Risotto, and roof (Apparently I say "ruff").
Flatmate 1: I hate when you guys say trash! (*they do not equate trash with rubbish).

What do you think we eat everyday?
Flatmate 2: Everything boxed that's crap.
Flatmate 1: Ego waffles and crispy everything.
Me: Well they got that one right!

I will do a special "Ask a Brit" section weekly, so send us your questions!


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