Crumblorbs. CrumBlobs. CrumBombs, CrumBobs - survey and suggestions?! Each could have its own name and story like a Pet Rock or Beenie Baby. We could even make faces on them: drizzled chocolate hair and mouth; M&M or chocolate chip eyes... We could even make a SnowCruMan...

Anyway, my original idea was to have a ball that proceeded from crumby delicious cookie on the outside to chewy-gooey sinful cookie dough on the inside, a texturey progression of a day in the life of a cookie dough lover.

So I get home late Wednesday night, starving, I laugh as I eat, tell my sister about the cookie, and together we get into all the possible texture-flavor combinations. So fun. Then, I tell her the crux of the problem as I see it: how to cook them. They will just melt and flatten in the oven. Microwave?! - eeewwie!! Do I steel kebab-skewer, blowtorch, and quench in liquid nitrogen like a blacksmith? Without a second thought she tells me to deep fry them, giving credit for the thought to cooking shows.

Oh serendipitous liquid-oil-networky, adjacently-possible-TV-platform-jumping, exapted sister of mine!

Maybe we can open a booth at the State Fair next year. Watch out Martha's Sweet - when the cookies hit the fence yours are too flimsy to fly, but not ours, oh no, not these balls of explodey gooeyness. CrumBlob in your face! Sweet Martha!

But I still want to try the blowtorch method.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty deliciousness.

Mini candy bars
Cookie dough
Sambuca chocolate sauce with toffee bits
Deep fry batter
Vegetable oil

Take a spoonful of cookie dough and press your mini candy bar into it. Mold the excess dough up and over to cover. Roll into a ball in your hands, and place on the sheet.
Freeze; otherwise, its too gooey to work with.
Once solid, remove from the freezer and generously coat some with the Sambuca toffee sauce.
Heat the vegetable oil to 350 in a deep pan.
Remove the CrumBlobs from the freezer, and one by one dip into them into the deep fry batter. I found that rolling the CrumBlob between two spoons works best to get the right amount of coverage.
Plop into the oil, and wait three minutes or so.
Remove and place onto a paper towel-covered surface to dry and cool.


While you are frying, the goo inside the CrumBlobs will boil. This boiling causes pressure within the Blobs that quickly compromises the battery exterior. Some batter, then, will actually leak out and make its way to the surface. This is both a blessing and a curse, as the leaked goo will attach itself to the Blob's outside surface and solidify - emergent yummy Crumbiness. The bad news is, you will also get a large amount that accumulates on both the surface and bottom that needs to be skimmed off and fished for; otherwise, it will burn and taint your oil.

I'm still waiting for my health insurance to kick in... These bad boys are sinful. Please indulge responsibly.


Room for Growth
The batter I used was a recipe for tempura I learned in Japan. The all-purpose flour to be found here in the States is apparently quite a bit different from tempura powder, so the outsides turned out to be a bit too chewy-thick a texture to complement the Blob. Further iterations may benefit from a seltzer/soda in the batter, rather than water, to make the end product a little crispier. Maybe Rice Crispies?

And what I learned
The KISS of Errory Death! I originally tried to do too much, coating the cookie dough in fudge brownie batter, which never completely froze, oozed out of its battery casing, burned quickly, and ruined my first quart of oil.
Have fun! While the original idea, cookie and cookie dough, may have been the better overall product had I found the correct cooking method, it's better to go with the adjacently possible oily flow.
Beauty. I was absorbed by the shadows of and the way light was bent by the currents of the heating oil playing on the bottom of the pan for quite some time even after it had reached temperature.



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