I think the definition of leadership can be explained as any act of a person trying to do good to others.

Leadership can be defined as taking charge of a situation and using your skills and abilities to head a group of people.

My thoughts on the definition of leadership has changed a bit. From some of the course readings, I have realized that someone can be a leader even by not doing something for the good of others. For example, Hitler can be classified as a great leader, but obviously nothing he did was for the good of others. It is greatly debated whether can only be ethical or can it also be unethical? I see Hitler as a great leader and what he did would greatly be considered unethical. (Terry, R. (2001). "Deciding what you believe." Seven zones for leadership: Acting authentically in stability and chaos (pp. 20 - 40). Mountain View, CA: Davies-Black Publishing, Inc.) (Pgs 34-35).

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