July 21, 2006

Welcome Library Jabbers!

Jabber = Chat Program = UMChat
Jabber is a chat technology supported by the University. This blog was created as a forum for users or wannabee users of Jabber in the University Libraries. Because no directory is available of current users, it was also created in an attempt for library Jabbers to learn who else is using Jabber/UMChat.

Get Started: Set up an Account
To set up an account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://chat.umn.edu/account/.
  2. If prompted, log in using your UM login information.
  3. In the Account Maintenance page, type in a password you will use to access Jabber. The Jabber password is used to access the Jabber Web Client. Use your UM log in information to login to the Jabber account, where you can find links to chat programs for download, and other info.
  4. Click the Create an Account button.
  5. To access Jabber/UMChat in a web browser, go to http://chat.umn.edu.
  6. Log in using your University ID and the jabber password created previously.
For info on setting preferences, adding a buddy, etc, see the quick reference guide put together by the University Technology Training Center.

Use a Chat Program or a Web Browser
Chatting via Jabber can be done using a web browser such as Internet Explorer. You can also install a chat program (a client) onto your office computer. For PC, the U is recommending a program called Exodus and a program called GAIM. To learn more about these and download them to your computer, log in to your jabber account.

More Guides
For more info and guides to Jabber and UMChat, please see the Learning Guide, by the University Technology Training Center.

July 24, 2006

Users in the Libraries

Do you work in the Libraries and are using Jabber/UMChat? I have not been able to find an official directory of Jabber/UMChat users. Please consider posting your Jabber username here so others in the Libraries know you're using Jabber/UMChat. Click on "Comments" below to see who else is using Jabber...

Tips & Tricks

Got tips on using Jabber, a chat client, or want to tell us about something that didn't work? Please post a comment here.