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Presidential Debate

It was a Friday evening and I was tuned into what some may call a making in history. I was very interested in what both the candidates had to say on their particular view points. Especially since this was a crucial moment in the United States. As of today, we are most likely in a serious state of an economic disaster and they were at Ole Miss talking about what Americas future could possibly be.

The topic that night was foreign policy. They talked about the particular policies that they would deliberately enforce and what they want to see done in Iraq. No candidate had a direct jab at the other. To me the tension was high and at times it seemed like Sen. John McCain did not want to look at Sen. Barack Obama but they each said what they wanted and got their view points across. They argued over war and taxes, as well as the economic crisis. They also clashed on such topics as energy and the war in Iraq. McCain spoke of Obama’s liberal voting
record, and his vote to cut off funds for troops in Iraq. Obama answered McCain’s opinions with being a liberal voter because he opposed George Bush’s wrong-headed policies, and he opposed funding for the troops
because the bill was presented as a blank check to the Pentagon. Nevertheless, I must stay non-partisan and not adhere to one party more than the other.

However, in the articles I looked at, the Star Tribune made it a point to get across how much they thought Sen. McCain did a better job than Sen. Obama in the debate. They argued that McCain as much more experienced and doubted Obama's tactics and his lack of experience (they say). As for the BBC, they focused more on both of the candidates. There were references to polls that had Obama ranked higher than McCain but they still did not dwell any deeper in the issue of who "won" the debate.

All in all, I liked watching and will definitely stay tuned for the October debates.

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