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Opinion writing

Opinion writing is something that I have always been very fond of. I enjoy reading opinion sections because I feel it allows the writer to freely express things that are on or that have been on their minds’. There is never a topic that is automatically chosen for the writer to write; it is more that the writer chooses whatever topic they want to discuss, and they discuss it.

To take a closer/ deeper look into the world of opinion writing, I focused on a more local personal type of writing and looked at the online body talk section by Josephine Marcotty.

I found her piece under the blog section. In her piece she plainly lays out that she can write about whatever she wants. So for this week’s section she talks about stool transplants and how the idea was introduced to her from her brother- in- law. I do not want to go into specifics but she keeps her blogs very short and straight to the point. – Which is equally good because most readers do not want to be bombarded with such long opinion statements.