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Photo Slide Shows

Ok so the sites that I looked ranged for yahoo.com, msnbc.com, and espn.com.




All of the slideshows looked to be very intriguing and graphic. I was really taken away by the contrast and reality of the photos. There was no doubt in my mind that these were taken by professional photographers.

The things that worked throughout these slideshows were the many different camera angles they used and the amount of detail that was showcased. None of these websites had head captions to their actual individualized pictures but they did caption the basic genre of the photographs.

However, I did not think that yahoo’s slide show pictures were very good. They were kind of dull and not too graphic as MSNBC’s or espn’s. In addition I did not feel like the pictures flowed very well because the main theme was airport security and they seemed to have picture’s of people stepping on a step scan in Tel Aviv, then it all of a sudden shows a Nepalese security officer looking at a plane wreckage, and other such things that do not really have much of a significance to air line security at all.

On a different note, I really like MSNBC’S slide show pictures because their photos were very graphic and real. The pictures of a car on fire, and all the firemen that are watering down the Southern California blaze that destroyed parts of they city. It just looks so real to me, that I would commend the photographer.