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Vice Presidential Debate

The Vice Presidential debate took place on October 2nd in St. Louis, Missouri. There were numerous topics that were covered throughout the whole entire debate. Topics ranged from foreign policy, the political crisis, and global warming. Even though both candidates are suppose to agree to disagree there were topics that they did agree upon. Such as gay marriage, and some other things.

The debate showcased both candidates abilities to talk about certain things that their particular parties covered. Some say Sen. Biden won the debate, others argue that Sarah Palin did not win, nor did she loose. I must remain non partisan and say that it definately was apparent that Joe Biden did answer most of the questions that moderator Gwen Ifill asked. On the other hand, Gov. Palin really did not go into much detail about answering the questions. She more or less just talked about the certain issues she wanted to talk about and then if she deemed it necessary to answer Ifill's questions she would.

As for the coverage of this whole entire issue I went to three major sources. Cnn.com, bbc.com, and msnbc.com. None of these sources seemed like they were biased. I believe most of the news sources were not biased at all. They were just reporting simple news facts. Be it polls about which particular VP candidate did better at the debate vs. the other. Overall I believe there was a huge amount of criticism towards Gov. Palin. She did not win, nor did she loose the debate. However, her reference to "mavericks" has made her receive criticism from such TV shows as SNL.

On a whole different note, I specifically wanted to focus on the headlines that were posted between Friday and Sunday. Friday of course was more focused on the results of the VP Debate while Sunday was more centrally focused on getting back to the Presidential candidates. On Sunday I found that all of my three sources focused on the accusations of Sen. Obama being linked to a domestic terrorist. Palin was the one who brought this revelation to Americans attention. I personally do not think it was right for her to come out and sa this because what relevance does it have to her campaign? I believe she prides herself and the McCain campaign on being patriotic but bashing another candidate out in my opinionis not "patriotic".