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November 8, 2008

Food Writing

I am obsessed with bread. I honestly have to eat some type of carbohydrate product with every meal that I have. So it was quite interesting when I found out that the two articles I picked were about bread.
On a different note, prior to this blog I have never really read any article on food. So looking at these particular instances was quite interesting.
The NY Times article was centered around the authour's history with bread and how during Thanksgiving her family had taken the bread basket away. Now they had returned the bread basket and she is writing about the fond memories of her past with her father's baked bread, and her now present dealings with bread.
The second article highlighted certain companies that make bread bags. These bread bags are suppose to keep the breads fresh. In general most of the bags did not work that well.
All in all, food writing seems to be very personal and opinion oriented. It is descriptive and informative as well.