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December 4, 2008

Writing Headlines

Typically I believe that headlines are pretty easy to come about. Basically rephrase what the whole subject of the paper is about and then pretty much put it above the article. However, sometimes headlines can be very challenging. The 3 news sources that I looked at were newsweek.com, cnn.com, and msnbc.com. These three news sources were all pretty general. Some of them had interesting headlines others were pretty plain and simple.

For example, Newsweek tended to have very interesting headlines. From waist line- talking about the hip to waist ratio, Why Israel isn't angry- subject on how India has sieged the Nariman House, basically summing up the attacks on Mumbai. CNN tended to keep there headlines straight and to the point about what the article would be about. Nameless victims haunt bone detective, Paitent dies after wandering into roof, etc. However, when I looked at the entertainment section I did not see much of a discrpancy ither. There were no lively headlines. I would pretty much say the same goes for msnbc.com as well.