October 27, 2008

Covering Businesses

I was not quite sure as to what specifically I should write about, so this is what I did.

Well I have never really paid that much attention to the coverage of business in the news. I always assumed that most news coverage on businesses was simply the same as news coverage about general things, such as building a new stadium or something along those lines. However, as I looked more deeply within the Business sections on and the star tribune website they both appealed to me in different ways. First the document from the star tribune talked about an entrepreneur that bought a house in Tanzania for sheltered children, where as in they were mainly focused on money and how no one can really loan money anymore due to the economic crisis.

After reading the BBC article I found out that when they talk about businesses they like to kind of add if they are a fortune 500 company or not. As in this case I think it was relevant. I do not think they do it all the time. I think since the topic was talking about millions of dollars being sent to banks it was kind of something that needed to be added.

As for the Star Tribune article I was touched, normally I would never think about finding an article about a millionaire sending money to Africa to start a school for orphaned children. The MN native sent about $4.4 million to Tanzania to give AIDS orphaned children a life and education that they would have never had. I am unsure as to what company the man belongs to or what he does but I thought that was very nice.

October 19, 2008

Opinion writing

Opinion writing is something that I have always been very fond of. I enjoy reading opinion sections because I feel it allows the writer to freely express things that are on or that have been on their minds’. There is never a topic that is automatically chosen for the writer to write; it is more that the writer chooses whatever topic they want to discuss, and they discuss it.

To take a closer/ deeper look into the world of opinion writing, I focused on a more local personal type of writing and looked at the online body talk section by Josephine Marcotty.

I found her piece under the blog section. In her piece she plainly lays out that she can write about whatever she wants. So for this week’s section she talks about stool transplants and how the idea was introduced to her from her brother- in- law. I do not want to go into specifics but she keeps her blogs very short and straight to the point. – Which is equally good because most readers do not want to be bombarded with such long opinion statements.