Ad targeting by demographics/audience quality of T.V. programs

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This research study took data released last fall from a 25,000-household survey and analyzed top first-run network shows the respondents said they watched in the previous seven days. The information provided from this study provides a glimpse into who is watching what, and where across the country they're watching from. Insight into specific demographics like Urbanites for example, who are usually slightly younger and more affluent- were said to be 34% more likely than the overall population to watch "America's Next Top Model." Versus CBS's "Mike & Molly" whose biggest demographic of viewers were 20% more likely to watch their program and were mostly 18-49 year olds from senior-heavy communities in the Midwest and Northeast. This is especially important for advertisers, because knowing particular qualities of an audience allows them to make better choices in which programs to support.


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