Using Smart Phones to gather Health Information

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This article published by the Pew Research Center looks into mobile health finding it's market in Smart Phone Owners.

Research concluded that of the 85% of U.S. adults who own a cell phone, 53% own Smartphones, and that 52% of Smartphone owners gathered health information on their phones, compared to 6% of non-smartphone owners. It also concluded that Latino and African American cell phone owners ages 18-49 as well as those who hold a college degree or more likely to gather health information this way.

The results were reported from a nationwide survey of 3,014 adults living in the United States, consisting of 1,808 telephone interviews conducted by landline and 1,206 conducted by cell phones, from August 7th to September 6th.

As discussed in class, to access the validity of the statistical results, they were weighted to correct known demographic discrepancies, and the margin of sampling error was is ±2.4 percentage points, due to the large sample size.


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