With busy schedules, few of my friends had much time for games this weekend. Instead, I improvised a little. First, I finally started the new season of New Girl and watched Winston get weird about puzzles and run around wearing a hoodie as pants.


As much as I love the show and think it's hilarious, I was feeling pretty tired and needed a bit more energy to start thinking in a fun way. My solution was to hang out with the most fun-loving critter I know - my roommate's ferret Winston. I'd post a picture but he doesn't generally sit still long enough for things like that.

After running around for a bit, I was ready to tackle some mind mapping. At first, I wanted to start with different associations that the ones we used in our group in class, but then I realized that sometimes I needed to start with those in order to get to new places. Below is what I came up with:


After mind-mapping, I decided I really liked the sub categories Winter Driving and Winter Fabrics, and Hot Beverages. I thought I would have a lot of room for playfulness just creating products within driving and fabrics, but soon realized that I was going to end up with a lot of cashmere car accessories. After opening it up to anything related to winter, here's what I came up with:

The Cozy Car Seat

Game of Thrones coats (winter is coming after all)

Boot Covers

To-go Cup Sweaters

No More Warm and Cozy Blanket

Coffee Defroster

Happy Sweater

Arm Scarves

Puppy Earmuffs

Salt-removing Car Blow Dryers


I really liked how you got in a creative mood. I too love New Girl, and Winston is my favorite character. I thought it was funny that the ferret you played with was also named Winston. Ferrets are funny animals so I could see how you could get inspiration from them. I think it would've been nice if you added some color to your mind map and some more pictures, but overall you did a good job of covering lots of sub-themes. I really liked a couple of your ideas! The boot covers seem like an actual feasible product that a lot of people, especially girls, would want to prevent salt corrosion. I also really liked your more ridiculous idea of the sweater that makes happy sounds when hugged. A lot of people, including me, would love a novelty item like that!

Hahaha…. thanks for sharing your fun with us. I appreciate the gif you post here. Your mind map is really explored the world. By reading your mind map, I also get some inspirations. If you can add some color to distinguish your subtheme, it may easier to be read. But I like your drawing on the map, it helps me a lot to find out the correspond sub-theme. Your ideas are interesting and fun. But if you can try to draw them on a larger blank white paper, your drawing maybe looks better and professional. And I found that you didn’t mention the subthemes you used to generate the ideas.

Great choice of show to get your creative juices flowing, I love new girl! Your sub themes are perfect. I wasn't sure what to change mine to due to specificity but this really helped! You relate your sub themes together really well in your 10 cross products. I love the idea of the dashboard coffee warmer that doubles as a defrost and the boot covers to keep the salt off, both would be problem solvers in my lifestyle for sure! I think with some of your cross products you could have pushed yourself to come up with something a little more qwerky, but overall I the post looks good and your images are all about the same relative size which is really nice. Keep it up!

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